Gear List

I am a gear junkie. That's all there is to it. I don't see how any boy between the age of 2 and 72 can not be! There is just nothing like walking into an outdoor store and oogling all that cool stuff to play with. My motto is, "He who dies with the most toys, wins." And I do my best to win.

The problem with being a gear junkie is that it tends to leave gaping holes in your pockets. Gear ain't cheap. So if you are going to be purchasing new stuff, year after year, make sure you do your homework. Every trip I have gone on, I have learned something new about the gear I brought. Usually, it's something I wished I hadn't left. But there are times when I end up carrying stuff and never use it. Either way, I figure, since I'm going to be doing all these trips, why not share what I have learned.

Usually this is where a web site will place a warning that "The views and opinions...blah blah blah." Forget that. I'm going to write what I really feel about the stuff I buy after actually using them on my little adventures. I'm not a professional, so my opinion really shouldn't be worth spit. But if you want to know, take a look.