Gear List for hanggliding

So far, I have only gone surfing one time in San Diego, so I still basically know nothing. All I currently have is beach wear, and I'll rent a board until I actually have the skills to stand up on the thing.

IMHO: I will always bring a rash guard. I thought it was silly at first. but it felt comfortable when I was wering it in the water, and I got to like it.


Surf Board




Surf Board

Still Renting!!!

So far, I have only gone once, so it didn't make sense for me to buy a stick yet. But as soon as I go someplace real, I'll be picking one up. Stay tuned.




Crocs are ugly, but they are the best thing ever thought of for anybody who needs easy to slip on footwear that doesn't get funky when wet. I love my crocs and I don't care how ugly they are.

The first time I saw a pair of Crocs was on the Deerfield river with the KCCNY. This dude was broncoing in a hole, and got out to portage over some rocks to do it again. He kept doing it over and over, and every time he would slide out of the yak, pull the crocs out of the hull, put them on, and pick up the yak. His crocks were and ugly orange, and all i could think was, they must be pretty functional, because they sure are ugly. And he confirmed. And from then on, I decided I needed a pair.

Madawaska Notes: I didn't own a pair of crocs when I did this trip. But I wished I did!

Canadian Rockies Notes: This trip I bought them and never will take a long trip without them again.

Grand Canyon Notes: I brought these as my camp shoes since they are light weight, and I want to get out of my shoes in camp. Well worth their weight. I need to air out my dogs at night and these help me do that.

El Potrero Notes: Do NOT leave home without them. The showers are clean enough, but I would not venture into that bathroom without my shower shoes!


Billabong Board Shorts

It really doesn't matter what kind of board shorts you get. But in my humble opinion, they have got to be long, and they have got to be baggy. Billabong makes some good ones.

Oneil Board Shorts

It really doesn't matter what kind of board shorts you get. But in my humble opinion, they have got to be long, and they have got to be baggy.

There's a gang of board short companies. Oneil is one of the oldest and most well known. They make anice pair of shorts.

Xcel Surf Shirt/Rash Guard

I always thought these were silly, until I saw what the top of a waxed board looks like. It was then I completely understood why they call them rash guards! I didn't want my chest looking like swiss cheese so picked up one at a local shop in San Diego. You can get htem everyehere down there.


Dermatone Lip Balm with biner

I really like this balm. Its very much like "Unpetroleum" that i took on Alaska trip and loved.

Grand Canyon Notes: Do not forget to bring lip balm on this trip. You will regret it if you do.

Mt Rainier Notes: If you have never been on a glacier in the middle of the summer, you can't really understand how important it is to have lip balm. I buy these 6 at a time every time I go to the camping store. I avoid chapped lips at ALL costs.

Packtowel Camp Towel

Bottom line, this is not ever an optional item. I have to have at least one on my trips. It's really water absorbant but rings out like a shammy and packs away dry right after you've used it on your whole body!

El Potrero Notes: Bring a camp towl because they don't have them readily available at the Posada.

Grand Canyon Notes: I'll bring my small towel just so I can wash my face, or if I want to go down to the river.

Bullfrog Sunblock

I like gel sunblock better than the normal lotion kind because I tend to sweat a lot and it lasts much longer. I also use bullfrog but couldn't find it this time around in the camping store.

Madawaska Notes: On this trip, I brought along the bullfrog sunblock, but for the most part, I barely ever used it. But I would definately lug it along in case you have that burnable skin type.

Julbo Nomads

The Julbo Nomads are my favorite shades because of how closely they wrap around my face and their low profile. What I also liked about them was that they have plastic clip on side sheilds rather than the botton on leather ones.

Kilimanjaro Notes: I forgot them in the tent on summit day! But they worked great every other day!

Madawaska Notes: I went back and forth between using shades and not. in the end, I found that what i really wanted was just somehting to stop water going in my eyes, but clear. I'll get something for next time.

Grand Canyon Notes: Even though it was really bright, I usually don't use sunglasses unless I am driving or riding my bike. On this trip, I just squinted a little the whole time! :-) But I carried them the whole way just in case I needed them.

Action speaks louder than words, but not as often!
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