I try to give hard earned dollars to the brick and mortar shops as much as possible. Why? First, I like to try things on. i lik to touch things. I like to feel the quality. I like to see the stitching. Being a big guy, running 6'3" and usually about 230, I typically have a great deal of difficulty with anything under XXL. Sometimes XL will do, but rarely. maybe that has colored my opinion on this issue, but it is how I feel.

Given my penchance for checking out the merchandise up close and personal, I feel it's important to support the B&M's, so I will have somewhere to go. Second, I like being able to talk to people about the stuff. Yes, I go online and do my research. But I find the staff at many shops I visit very knowledgable, helpful and more than willing to share their insight and experiences with a particular peice of gear or clothing.

Third, I find you don't usually save that much. Now don't get me wrong, I do buy online, but when I do, I typically purchase from a few places repeatedly.