Sea kayaks are used around the world for marine (sea) journeys from a few hours to many weeks, as they can accommodate one to three paddlers together with room for camping gear, food, water, and other supplies. A Sea Kayak usually ranges anywhere from 10-18 feet for solo craft, and up to 26 feet for tandem craft. Width may be as little as 21", and may be up to 36".

There are only a few places in the world I want to tour in a sea kayak. But those few are some of the most spectacular places on this planet.

My To Do List

And the one I've already experienced first hand...


The beauty of touring in a sea kayak

As with all trips, weather and length of stay are your two big determining factors regarding what to bring and what to leave behind. But, unlike backpacking or traveling, when touring by sea kayak, you can bring as much as will fit in your yak. And you would be surprised what does actually fit in that thing.

Given this expansive space, consider the following strategy to save the hassles of hunting through everything to find that one thing:


Packing your kayak


Sea Kayak Magazines and Sites



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