Ok. Of all the sports, this is the one that is stretching it a little bit in order to be considered a sport. But to me, this is THE sport. In general, I want to be in a position where no matter what type of situation I may get myself into, I always have the skills and knowledge to get myself out of it. Whether that means protecting myself if I'm caught in a back alley of Brasil, or trying to hunt for food if I get caught by myself out in the middle of the woods for 6 days.

So this sport of survival includes hunting, fishing, martial arts and wilderness tracking. Yes. I have seen Survivor Man and Man vs Wild. Yes. I wish I were them!



Once I shot my first bird down in Georgia, I realized what I was missing not having gone hunting as a kid. Now I want to learn. My goal is to get one deer, one turkey, and one something else. I just don't know what.



The fact that I never have gone fishing is a great source of consternation to my friend from Georgia, Mr Reeves. He told me when I went to visit him to go quail hunting not to tell anybody that, because they might think there was something wrong with me. He was incredulous. He just couldn't understand it. How could somebody go their whole life without learning to fish.

So I have decided that I need to learn to fish. Once I have some idea what the hell it takes, I will post what I have learned. Until then, the closest I will get will be the supermarket fish monger.



This includes animal tracking and stalking as well as primitive hunting techniques.



This includes all the survival skills required to survive in the wilderness, such as constructing a shelter, various means of collecting water, methods of making fire, foraging for and trapping food, making tools, and other important ways of surviving the wilderness.

Well done is better than well said.    -Benjamin Franklin

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