Costa Rica Biking : Gear List

There aren't many gear requirements for the tour. My basic advice is as follows.


Trek Fuel 80

This is my first full suspension bike. At the time, i picked it up for $1,100. I've had it for years, and I still love it. It's relatively light and the springs are pretty much dialed in for my body. The components aren't the best, but they're pretty good. This thing has served me well for years and I suspect it will continue to for years to come.

Tour Notes: The tour has all different kinds of bikes. Some ride road, some ride mountain. There are cruisers and recumbent. I've even seen a few unicycles there. Just get a bike that you feel comfortable with and can ride for 50 miles.

So far, I have always ridden a mountain bike with slicks. Maybe next year, I'll try out a road bike.

Ritchey TomSlick Tires

You can ride on the road with knobbies, but it will severely slow you down. So I asked the guy at the shop, and he suggested the Ritchey TomSlick tires. They are close to the smoothness of a road tire, but fit a mountain wheel.

Tour Notes: These things are fast. I felt a complete difference between this time, and the last time I did the tour, with my kno9bbies on. but the time I got to the end, I didn't even feel like I had ridden!

Camelback Cloudwalker

While this is a camelback and is designed for the camelback water bag, I typically don't use them. I just use this as a backpack when I ride. Of course, mine is red, black and silver to match my bikes!

Tour Notes: You don't necessarily need a pack for the ride since there's so much rider support, but I never leave home without one.


North Face Venture Jacket

Although I had originally planned to spend a whole lot less, I am glad I picked up this parka. It fit me well in the arms and does a good job of stopping wind. From what I hear, Marmot makes only quality products and that’s good because that’s all I’ll buy. Better to spend and get the performance than be disappointed and end up spending more money.

Tour Notes: I only bring one of these in my pack if there is a chance of rain. This year there was, so it was back there.



Pearl Izumi Slice Full Fingered Gloves

Pearl Izumi makes nice stuff, period. I wanted a pair of gloves for the road that were a little more comfortable than my mountain biking gloves. A guy at the store recommended these.

Tour Notes: I really like these gloves. They were the most comfortable gloves I have ever worn. The stretchy material on the back of the hand is nice and warm, but breathable enough to not sweat too much. They are perfect for an early morning run in the spring time.


Giro Indicator Helmet

Giro makes the best helmets for cycling, in my opinion, by far. yeah, Bell makes a good helmet. But Giro's got my vote every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Tour Notes: You are technically required to wear a helmet in the tour, but no one is going to stop you from riding if you're not wearing one. But i've gotten so used to wearing one from mountain biking, I don't even balk anymore when I have to wear one on the street.


Sidi Dominator 4 Mountain

When I was in the bike shop looking for a pair of shoes to replace my first pair, the guy said to just try them on. He said, "The other shoes are good for sure. But they are no comparison Sidi's . It's like the difference between a fine Italian shoe and Kenneth Coles. Yeah, the Kenneth Coles are good, but you can ride all day in the Sidi's and feel like you just stepped into them at the end of the day. They cost, but they're worth it. I'll never go back."

I took his advice and splurged.

Tour Notes: I'll never go back either. They are really comfortable. And the ratchet system keeps them snug and responsive on your feet.


EMS Superwick Tee Shirt

This is a lightweight polyester shirt that is highly breathable and quick drying. It wicks moisture away from the body and comes in a fe different colors. I actually picked up a long sleeve and a short sleeve.

Tour Notes: Basic base layer shirt. A staple in my pack.

The North Face Momentum Shirt

I needed a micro fleece and this one was cheap and felt softer than a baby's a$$. Plus I really wanted a fleece that was a pullover rather than a full zip for a mid layer so that I could tuck it in.

Tour Notes: This is usually all you'll need on the five boro because it's usually spring like conditions. I like this one because it looks good no matter what you do to it.

Pearl Izumi Slice Versa Short

I wanted a pair of shorts with built in liners. I typically use regular biking shorts underneath a pair of fatigue shorts. However, one of my friends had a pair of these and he loved them. So I tried them out.

Tour Notes: These are good for the tour because they have pockets and the liners aren't so tight.

Pearl Izumi Micro thermal Leg Warmers

The one thing I hate to do, is be too hot, or too cold. I like to be able to regulate my temperature without having to go through a whole wardrobe change. So I decided rather than go with tights, i would try out these leg warmers.

Tour Notes: These things are the best things since sliced bread. As soon as I got too warm, I just zipped up the ankles and pulled down the tops to get some breeze on my knees and ankles. Then when we got out into the hot sun an hour later, I took them completely off. in 30 seconds. Love em.

Wigwam Ultimax Cool Lite Hiker Sock

I don't wear cotton socks anymore. It's all about wool or synthetic blends.

Tour Notes: It doesn't much matter what kind of socks you wear on this ride. however, it is "On" whether the meteorologist calls for rain or shine, so I suggest wool or synthetic blends because they stay warm when wet.


Dermatone Lip Balm with biner

I really like this balm. Its very much like "Unpetroleum" that I took on Alaska trip and loved.

Sigg Water Bottle

The week before my trip to the Grand Canyon was the week where all this stuff about PCB's and the 2,3,7 plastic recycling thing came out. I didn't want to take a chance, so I took the opportunity to switch to aluminum Sigg bottles. I know these don't leach into your body and cause chromosomal irregularities!

Tour Notes: You really only need one, and that's only if you like to sip a lot and don't plan on stopping at the rest stops. You can pretty much get water and or juices and beverages at all the rest stops. For free!

Julbo nomads

The Julbo Nomads are my favorite shades because of how closely they wrap around my face and their low profile. What I also liked about them was that they have plastic clip on side shields rather than the bottom on leather ones.

Tour Notes: I brought a pair just in case, but never used them.

Camera and Other Toys! :-)

Canon PowerShot SD630 Digital Camera

I like this camera, but it's starting to get a little bit light. i need some more pixels. It's almost time to upgrade.



Fruit Bars

You don't really need to take fruit bars with you, because they have them at every rest stop. But I always pack a few in case of emergencies.

Pure Protein Bars Chocolate Deluxe

This is the best tasting protein bar on the market in my opinion.

Sports Beans

This is the best tasting protein bar on the market in my opinion.

Action speaks louder than words, but not as often!
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