Biking Costa Rica

The first restautrant we at at was Restaurante Don Chama.

Don Chama's

I was was completely happy with my grilled chicken and vegatables choice; that is until Mary's whoel grilled fish came out. I then became highly jealous. It was definately caught in the stream outback within a few hours.

Now that's a fish

The folks at Bike Arenal helped us put together a good trip. usually, I refuse to ride any bikes but my own. Meagan, (my Cannondale Prophet 2000) and Tina (my Trek Fuel 90) I imagine were not at all happy with my involvement with another bicycle. But I just didn't want to bother with boxing one of them up and worrying about their safety in another country. So I let Bike Arenal hook me up with a bike, and she worked out pretty well. I was surprised at the quality of bikes we had available to us. I never expected to be riding a Cannondale as a rental, in Costa Rica no less.

Picking up the bikes for our first ride

Lesson Learned: If you are on your bike in a foreign country, and you get that funny feeling that you've somehow passed your turn, and you don't recognize where you are, admit it... You are lost. I ended up riding an extra 30 km out of the way because I wasn't really paying attention.

The long ride that needn't have been!

Juan Carlos was a great guide for us in the rainforest.

Juan Carlos pointing at the blood tree

Of course, Roy and I could not help with our silliness.

My new beard

You must learn to deal with the craziness that is Mary. Most of the time, she only brings chaos and mayhem. She refuses to follow the rules and in fact goes out of her way to break them. And she NEVER follows the general convention. But... it's her nature that allows you to sometimes happen upon something absolutely great. Our nosey little rule breaker found out where all the locals go to get their hot spring bath on. And us gringos invaded! Up until this day I have never been a fan of hot springs. Oh, how my mind has been changed.

Oh my

Talk about heaven

This little place we found just 5 minutes outside of town offered an unbeleivable view of the lake...

The view from my room

and a few friends to share breakfast with.

The next days ride was a great day. Killer views and good hills. This was the first day i was happy to be pushing 250. In the middle section, I only pedalled up one hill. Once I got to the top, I got my head down and my butt up, hit 70 km, and cruised all the way down, and all the way up to the top, of the next hill. Then I did the same thing, this time hitting 73 km/h... and then again hitting 76km/h. Oh what a day to be an ogre.

Tom at the top

Howler monkeys were all over the place.

This place was so nice, and we were able to get a really cheap rate, 50 bucks per room (2 to a room). They had a pool! A nice pool. And great trees to lounge around in.

Mary and Rodolpho have decided they have guns.

The River trip was a great little section of the trip. Lots of crocs.

And then there was Samara. This is a great little beach town. Perfect for learning to surf. This was the first time I was able to catch a wave and actually stand up on the thing. It is unbeleivably hard, but I was able to pull it off, finally.

Samara Beach

Samara Beach

And then, the next day, I ate fresh pineapple and drank cocunut milk. Gotta love it.

Dave drinking straight from the coconut the way it's supposed to be done

"El mundo es de los audaces."
The world is owned by the bold/audacious.    — quote from our Costa Rican friends

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