Weekend # 20: May 24, 2008 Lewis Morris Park

In my opinion, no matter what the weather, the official start of the Summer is the Memorial Day weekend. And the official start of mountain biking season is the start of summer. So it's fitting that I took out my trusted steed and went and played in the dirt.


About Lewis Morris Park

Named for Lewis Morris, the first Governor of the State of New Jersey, this Park was the first to be opened in the Morris County Park System in March, 1958. The original 350 acres have grown to a total of 1154 acres, which includes a lake recreation area, Parcourse Exercise Circuit, three ballfields, a group camping area and six distinct picnic areas. The newest of these, Deer Run, was officially opened at the Rededication Ceremonies on September 25, 1988.

By the way, if you are looking for a bike shop in the area, I suggest Marty's. I've used them before topick up some pedals, get a qucik tune up, etc. and I have been happy with their service. They are knowledgable about bikes, and they know the area trails if you have any questions.


Lewis Morris Park Trail Map

Nothing but me and my shadow on this day. Once again, I couldn't find any thoroughbreds to come out and play. So I just packed up my favorite toy and drove out to Lewis Morris Park and rode by myself.

For other Jersey Trails, check MTBNJ.

I parked in the Rt 24 Parking Lot, at the end of the Patirots Path catacorner and across the highway from the Sunrise Lake Parking Lot.

Of course, unless you actually fall, you're not really riding! Below is my trusty steed...Post over the bars tumble.

And why is it, that no matter where you fall, there is always, always, some dog, deer, bear or steer...shit right in your path.

This has got to be the third time i've landed in it. Unreal!

Well done is better than well said.    -Benjamin Franklin

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