Madawaska Trip Plan

Itinerary 5 days – (Moderate to Strenuous)

In researching the best kayaking schools in the country, I came across one just outside. Madawask Kanu Centre is in Barry’s Bay Ontario Canada and is considered one of the best kayak schools in North America. When I called to discuss the class setting and style of teaching, I was really pleased with the responses I got. I had already gotten a really good recommendation of the school from my friend Joe, but the web site and discussion with people at the school sealed it for me.

In my preparation, I made an effort to think about exactly what I would want to get out of the 5 days I was going to spend there. I knew that I wanted to work on my roll, even if I couldn't get it bomb proof. And I knew that I wanted to get really comfortable eddying and ferrying so that the next time I got to a class ii or iii river, I would be comfortable enought to work it rather than just bomb through it. And more than anything, I wanted to start getting used to sitting in that damn thing more than 3o minutes at a time.


From the Madawaska Web Site:

Courses run every week and weekend from the beginning of May until Labour Day weekend.  Most are held onsite at MKC, the perfect location for a learning vacation with the Madawaska River flowing right past the front door. 

MKC is conveniently situated near Algonquin Park, Just a few hours drive from both Ottawa and Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

Our full range of courses will satisfy any need - Beginner to Advanced, from Weekend sampler to a 5-Day adventure.  While MKC is primarily an adult paddling school (17 and over), you will also find Family Programs to include those aged 10 to 16.

Weekend Clinics (Saturday - Sunday of the summer - dates and pricing  click here

For both kayakers and canoeists, a weekend clinic is a great introduction to whitewater, or if time is a factor, a great refresher clinic for the more experienced paddler.  This course will lay a foundation of basic skills and river safety - add to this MKC hospitality and you have the perfect start to your new sport.

5-Day Courses (every Monday - Friday of the summer - dates and pricing click here)
Our most popular course for both kayakers and canoeists with all levels of whitewater ability offered every week.  A great learning vacation utilizing video, gates and a variety of rivers

I personally chose the 5 day course because if I was going to go all the way out to Canad, it wasn't going to be for just a weekend! Plus, I feel like in order to really get comfortable, it takes some repetition.

Trip Costs

The costs of the trip include the outfitter, transportation, food and gear.  Every expedition has different equipment needs, but the beauty of owning is that you only have to buy it once.  As long as you take good care of your equipment, your gear costs should drop as you go on more and more expeditions.

Since I owned my kayak already, the cost was not high at all for this trip.





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