Mount Bachelor Snowboarding : Trip Plan

We actually arrived in Portland and did a warm up on Ski Bowl on Mount Hood. They have night skiing and are opened until 10pm. Lights and Everything. Gotta love it. Then we drove from there to Mr and Mrs Reeves place in Redmond, stopping on the way to eat dinner (although I ordered Steak and Eggs) at the Black Bear Diner. Man oh man, was that black berry cobbler good. wow.



Hotel (last night) $119 $60
Flight (Newark to Portland, OR) $389 $389
Lift Tickets (3 day) $156 $156
Rental Car $400 (Split) $200
Gas $90 $45
Food $60/day $240
* Total   $1,090


Gear: I bought a replacement lens for low light situations, that worked wonders.
Oakley Crowbar Replacement Lens: Hi Intensity Yellow

My Take:
My new gray-day and night-boarding goggle. I won't leave home without them.

Official Technobabble:
Oakley Crowbar Goggles with High Intensity Lenses for stellar vision on dark overcast days and in other low-light conditions. The Crowbar's amplified dimensions extend your range of available peripheral and downward vision. A High Intensity Plutonite lens with Oakley's patented XYZ Optics provides correction along three axes and enhances visibility in flat to low light conditions for astounding visibility across your entire field of vision. The Plutonite lens material also offers superior eye protection, blocking 100% of all UV. The Crowbar's ultra-flexible O Matter frame is contoured to facial geometry, offering a precise, comfortable fit enhanced by triple-layer polar foam. Rigid O Matter strap attachments yield a solid, draft-free seal. Oakley engineered the Crowbar to fit medium-sized faces.


Photo gallery to see the pics from the trip. Click on the pic to open up a bigger picture that you can right click on and save.
Gear List to see the stuff I brought and bought for this trip.
Trip Plan to see the costs and itinerary for this trip.
Mt Bachelor Website to get more info on the mountain.






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