Mount Washington: Jan 2009

The Crew just before takeoff

The crew

Start of the hike

Just a hike

Brad at the crux

Above the treeline

The summit

The observatory



Mt Washington can be windy and cold.  Pay special attention to keeping your core, fingers and feet warm.  You should have a full cover for your head and it should be windproof.  On the climb, we’ll carry a day pack with food water and spare clothing, camera etc.

Those of you who need to rent stuff should do this on Saturday afternoon.  You’ll need good boots (possibly Plastic if it's getting below 0), gaitors, crampons and ice axe.  Trekking poles are useful but be sure you can attaché them to your pack when we do a short, steep section through the woods - for that section you’ll need to use your ice axe. 

Consider how you’ll keep your water from freezing – start with hot water and then insulate it somehow. They will sometimes have thermos' and nalgene insulators at the Visitors center 20 feet from the Joe Dodge Logde next to the cafeteria.

Gear List 2009

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Pics from Previous Years Climb

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