Paintball: October 25th and November 1st

Who will be playing:
I've harrassed and coaxed a number of my current colleagues, former colleagues, clients, friends, and anybody else who overhears us talking about it and expresses an interest into going. We want to take over the place, so feel free to invite anyone you think might be interested as well.

Regardless of the rude and innapropriate picture of the girl up top, this is definately a female friendly trip. Feel free to invite as many of the fairer sex to either of these wonderful fun filled days of excitement! We will still shoot them though. :-)

What will we be doing:
We'll be playing paintball. Creeping through the woods and shooting each other with paint pellets over and over again.

When are we playing:
We have 2 dates scheduled at this point to work around peoples schedules. Saturday October 25th, 2008 and Saturday November 1st, 2008.

Where are we going:
Skirmish, which is located in Jim Thorpe, Pa, about 90 minutes from the city.

Why Skirmish:
We are playing at Skirmish because it's relatively close to the city, and it is the best paintball grounds in the North East. They have won awards. If you doubt me, check out the field map. They've got old helicopters, huge castles and miniature cities that you can hide in.

How much will this cost me:
It costs $90 for the entire day. This will get us each the Deluxe All Inclusive Package ($75) which includes...admission to the fields, gun, goggles, facemask, paintball belt pack, Co2/N2, 750 paintballs, camouflage overalls, and all day play. The extra $15 we will use to get extra paint because even though they say on average you use 750 paint balls, they lie! Trust me. I've been here before!

If you want to upgrade your gun, buy food, or obtain illegal services, you must bring extra cash.

When do I have to have my money in:
In order to finalize the reservation, I need to pay in full 10 days in advance. That means....
I will be booking the 10/25 date Friday the 10th of October and I will be booking the 11/1 date Friday, the 17th of October. So...Please get me you're money as soon as possible.

They will allow us to increase our numbers up until the day prior to the reservation, so if you want to go, and might not be able to get the money right to me, just let me know and I will front the money until I receive your money. Don't let procrastination and/or lateness in finding out about this stop you from signing up. But I'm not a rich man so the more people who will pay prior to the reservation, the more appreciative I will be!

What if I need to cancel:
You can cancel any time up to 10 days in advance and get a full refund.
If you cancel within the 10 days, you will get a raincheck. Which means you can go any time after. Skirmish does white water rafting as well so you could apply it to that as well.

How can I get my money to you:
See the information at the right. You can pay by PayPal, credit card, check or cash. See instructions at right for the best method for you.

How are we getting there:
Good old fashioned carpooling. Please let me know if you have a car and can (and are willing to!) transport anyone, and also let me know if you're one of those city folks who needs a ride because the closest thing you have is a metrocard. Speak up and we'll work it out.

If you have any quesitons that have not yet been answered, feel free to call me on my cell at 551-655-0922 or send me an email at

" If you shoot it, they will run!"