Weekend # 5: Quail Hunting in Fort Valley, Georgia:
Beaux Eden Plantation : Feb 2008

All it took was me showing just a little bit of interest. That's all it took for Michael to dream up the plan.

"You'll stay at my house on Friday night, We'll drive down to Macon on Saturday, go hunting, and then maybe shoot skeet in the afternoon. You're gonna love it!"

With that 2 minute conversation, the plan was set into motion. And so it came to pass, that on the morning of february the 9th, 2008, the Ogre of Chilltown, J.C. was indoctrinated in the Fraternal Order of Quail Hunters.


Part 1: Hunting Quail

One of Mr Murphy's dogs.

Mr Murphy showing the kid the way things work 'round here! :-)

The plantation manager, Gabe with one of his bird dogs. If you're looking for a place to hunt quail, I recommend looking up my man Gabe either at the plantation website, or by phone: 478-825-0501.

A dog at work. Yes.. That is a bird in his mouth!

The dog doing what he does. Do you see the bird in his mouth!

Michael and a few of our catch

All 33 birds we got

Reeves and I with our two guides, Gabe and his guy JB. JB's a mean shot!



Part 2: Shooting at the Range

A bucket of shells.

Mr murphy at the range, handling the controls.

The throwing machine

Michael Reeves in all his glory

Actually...THIS is Reeves in all his glory!



Part 3: The Feast

Marinated and grilled breast of quail.

This was ME in all MY GLORY! :-)


Well done is better than well said.    -Benjamin Franklin

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