Annual March Stowe Trip

Stowe Resort Snowboarding : Stowe, Vermont

For the second year in a row, we did a big trip to stowe in early March. And we do it gangsta. Leave NYC at Midnight on Friday night, slept on the bus till breakfast, hit the hill all day, go out to dinner, laugh and joke half the night, wake up at 7, hit it until 1, jump on the bus and go home.

Stowe, in my opinion, is one of the best mountains on the East Coast. Good runs, good snow, they've got a Gondola, not too many people, relatively short lines, the hot waffles are banging, and the bar has good beer. What else can you possibly ask for. But more than anything, I really like the layout. In general, all of the Blues, Blacks and Double Blacks are grouped together at the top and middle of the mountain, and all of the greens are grouped together off to one side and at the bottom of the trails. This makes it perfect because you are much less likely to get bowled over by a meat rocket (newbie out of control!) because they are nicely sectioned off in their own little playpen! Very well done. Trail Map


Total Cost: $280


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