This is why I took the avalanche course...

Who knows when you are going to get caught in one of these

Knee Surgery

Knee surgery sucks.  I finally got the torn cartilage in my \knee repaired.  I first damaged it my sophomore year of college in a dunk contest (which I won by the way).  But then

Warrior Dash

I have been hearing about this warrior dash for a while now. I thought, 3 miles of running. NO WAY. Not for the kid. But then I saw the web site, and thought; This is perfect! So I signed up and got a bunch of dudes to go with me. Northeast Region, September 18th.

Born to Run

I could not beleive how interesting I found this book. It had me sucked in from the get go. Yes, Ihappen to won a pair of Vibram five Fingers. But I am NOT a runner. And I was sucked in. I actually went running after finishing this. And you will too.


R.I.P. Adventure Magazine

Adventure magazine was a major reason I started doing all this stuff in the first place. What a shame that they are shutting down.

Apparently, they fell victim to the economic downturn in conjunction with the publishing advertising decline. I have to say, this magazine had about as big an impact on my life as any other peicei of literature. It changed my lifestyle, values, hopes and dreams. What a shame.

Supposedly, they will be adding a few adventure issues to the NG proper magazine, or some special editions geared to Adventure readers. We'll see.


Well done is better than well said.    -Benjamin Franklin

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